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d-enim day

Denim is just so cool. I've been experimenting with mixing denim shades and textures like crazy lately. Did you know it almost always looks great?! The weather seems to be turning toward Fall so this outfit is perfect for the transitional few weeks ahead. Wanna see this outfit in action? Click here!

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loosie's kitchen - brooklyn

Welcome to Loosie's Kitchen! I stumbled across this little Brooklyn gem in an article on Gothamist, and I came specifically for a secret menu item called 'Waffle Croque Madame' that they only serve on...secret days? 

This place is adorable. Quiet, quaint, and there's a backyard area that is filled with space and light. It's the perfect Sunday brunch spot to catch your girlfriend up on all that's happening with your boy (or boySSS...I don't judge). 

When I asked for the special dish, the waiter seemed confused. But I had the article to prove that this dish was being served on this particular weekend! He discussed it with the cook and they agreed to make it with one caveat..there was no ham left! Whatever...perfect excuse to substitute bacon right?

The Waffle Croque was super yummy. It would have been even yummier with ham. It also would have been nice with a glass of orange juice but they were all out, so I had grapefruit juice instead. And may I say, it was actually really good! 

I met the head chef, he was super nice and courteous. He even sent over a yummy dessert on the house! HOLY GOODNESS. I'm not a Nutella girl but thissss!!!! Fried dough balls topped with Nutella and powdered sugar dipped in whipped cream. The only thing more I want in life is for someone to pay my cellphone bill. 

All in all a nice experience. I'd go back for more chats about boys on a Sunday morning ;)


arancini bros. - lower east side

You can tell by my face (below) that my love for Arancini Bros is real. My lovely friend Sam told me about this place like 2 months ago. She let me have a bite of hers one day and it was INSTANTLY on my list of foods-to-do. So I headed over to Essex Market (Lower East Side) during my lunch break this week to give it a go. Now what are these fried balls that come in an egg carton all about? 

The associate who was working at the time was so so nice and educated me on the history of Arancini. I learned that Arancini are an authentic Sicilian street food. The "shell" is made of Arborio rice and the inside can be filled with ANYTHING. The flavors on the day I went were Classic Ragu, Bianca Verde, Buffalo Ball, Pizza Ball, The Shrimp Ball, Our Famous Nutella, and Broccoli Rabe & Sausage. I had the first 5 of these flavors. I loved them all except the Shrimp. Something about it didn't sit well with me.

The question is not if I will go's WHEN. The next time my boy is in town, I will be dragging him to this place so he can watch me eat mine, and then watch me eat his. Sounds about right. 


the kiddy grown up

This outfit was so fun to wear. It was hard not to smile every moment I had it on...and why WOULD I stop smiling in something so cute?! I love an outfit like this for an afternoon date. It's feminine, youthful, and truly brings out the high school cheerleader in me! 

Okay, so this is when I realized I really need to stop wearing high neck cropped tops. Until I get a Brandy Melville body ( boobs are going nowhere), I should probably stick to scoop necks and v-necks!

shot by @christinaemeliephoto


the walk

This outfit made me feel so New York. To be honest, it's not something I'd typically wear (shooting it was the first and last time I ever wore these shoes). But anywho! I felt so womanly and proud, like I owned the streets. And I guess in some way I do. New York is mine. It's all of ours who live here or are from here. It's a beautifully special city, and manages to take my breath every day.

Another thing...I know this outfit doesn't flatter my body so well. I have a tiny little torso and big boobs that don't do well with a high neck cropped tank...believe me I know! But when I tried this outfit on, it made me feel so good. And while I'm typically conscious of what will flatter my figure, I think it's totally okay to wear something simply because it makes me feel good.

More on the outfit:

shot by @christinaemiliephoto


acid denim

I found this denim jacket at LTrainVintage in Bushwick. It was 20 bucks and really adorable. But I learned a little something about falling in love with pieces at thrift shops: I need to start making sure things fit. I am a fashion rookie so I'm still learning, but it was hilarious because Lydia (my photographer) had to direct me so much so that this jacket didn't look like a balloon on me in the pictures. To be honest I don't think I'll ever actually wear it again for that reason. But feel free to recreate this look with a denim jacket that is actually your size! Another thought...I'll probably be re-thrifting this at l Train Vintage so feel free to go pick it up haha. Details below, love you!

Lauren <3

Instagram @LydiaHudgens

| denim jacket: L Train Vintage (and will probably be going back there) | scarf: Forever 21 | bag: thrifted | jeans: TopShop Joni | boots: ALDO | 


texture menage

Before we talk outfit, let's talk the amazing photographer who I shot with on Saturday. Her name is Lydia Hudgens and she is such an artist. She brought everything to life! Go check out her amazing work at 

Now let's talk outfit. I was going for something a little funky but still wearable. I love the contrast of textures-- we've got flannel, fur, knit, and patent leather all at once. It was really fun to experiment and see how they all complimented each other. I was so warm in this outfit which is partly because the shirt dress (thrifted) is super heavy and insulated. If you want to winterize it even more, try some thicker leggings or tights and maybe a thermal underneath. Can't wait to show you guys these outfits in motion! Be on the lookout :D

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| shirt dress: L Train Vintage | scarf: Forever 21 | faux fur clutch: ASOS | gloves: Urban Outfitters | boots: Forever 21 | 

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